Our tournament committee is very excited to be hosting our 14th Annual Sweetheart Tournament February 6-9th.  Each year  the tournament brings great anticipation for us as a host association, and hopefully for you as coaches, players, and parents!  As the tournament has grown over the years in teams and in prestige, the number of incidents we have had to deal with as a host committee has also grown.  Over the past few years there has been an increase in incidents where players and officials have experienced verbal abuse from coaches and spectators in the rink.  In advance of the tournament we wanted to share with all this short video that Hockey PEI prepared reminding all to "Keep Your Cool".  This video includes players and official from our own association and we thought it would be an important reminder to all as we moved into the weekend  of fun and excitement for our 14th year.  It is important to remember that everyone involved in the game is just trying their best!  

We would also like to remind all that our Tournament Volunteers are trying to provide the best experience for all participants, and if we feel that there are activities that are effecting the quality of the experience for any involved in the game, we do have the right to ask people to leave the facilities. 

Just a last e-mail with some housekeeping notes before the tournament:

1) I have had more than a few e-mails on the use of AP players. As the rules state,

"Final team registration must be completed prior to the each teams’ first tournament game. If a player is suspended and cannot play, the name should be placed on the bottom of the game sheet and noted that they are suspended. A player can only be listed on 1 team roster.  If a player is an Affiliate Player (AP) they may be listed on the roster and used provided the team they are initially registered with is not playing in the tournament.  If their principal registered team is playing in the tournament, they are not permitted to play in any games unless their team is officially eliminated at the start time for the game in which they are playing, and the approval of the tournament committee is given to use them on the roster. "

2) Teams are responsible for their own pucks for warm-up during the tournament.

3) In the event of inclement weather, we reserve the right to change the schedule. Updated schedules will be posted on the tournament website.  The schedule will be available by end of day January 25th. 


A notice will also be sent to teams.

4) I am attaching the rules

5) There will be a Manager bag for you at the rink of your 1st game. Please make sure that you write your cell # for the tournament contact for your team on the 1st game sheet.

If you have any questions, let me know.

We are hoping for a fun, competitive, and exciting weekend of hockey at all levels for the 13th Annual Sweetheart.  Cheer loud and have fun...and "Keep your Cool" because that is what all involved really want!

Sweetheart Co-Chairs
Trevor Lank
Caley McDonald